SOTA Comet Turntable Series III w/ S301 Tonearm Special Package

SOTA Comet Turntable Series III w/ S301 Tonearm Special Package


  • $1,300.00 USD


The SOTA Comet turntable offers affordability and engineering dexterity in one marvelous machine. With the SOTA Comet turntable, you'll hear music rendered cleanly and quietly. This is because the Comet isolates noise and vibration from affecting its groove retrieval function. And this is what differentiates it from other turntables and the reason why the Comet continues to be highly positioned in the firmament of high-end turntables.

The acclaimed Rega S301 tonearm mates exquisitely with the Sota Comet turntable. The dustcover is available as an additional accessory.

What reviewers say about the Sota Comet turntable

"I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the SOTA Comet. This is a well-designed system and its parts and materials work in harmony to produce considerable musical enjoyment for a modest investment." Victor Chavira, Positive Feedback, July, 2004

"The quietness of the Comet never ceased to amaze me. I highly recommend the SOTA Comet for anyone who wants to get into vinyl and not have to be an engineer to get the most out of the experience!" Ed Morawski, Positive Feedback, July, 2004

SOTA Comet..."engineering is what the Comet delivers." Michael Fremer, Stereophile, February, 2003

The SOTA Comet turntable is a Stereophile Recommended Component (2004, 2004, & 2005)

SOTA Comet Technical Data & Specifications
less than -65db unweighted (10cm/sec @ 1000Hz
Wow & Flutter less than .1% (DIN 45-507)
Platter two layers of 3/8" Plexiglas sandwiching energy absorbing dampening materials; interface mat is added to platter
A/C synchronous
Bearing polished shaft on hardened chrome steel ball in Turcite® spindle sleeve
Transmission belt driven
33-1/3 & 45 RPM
26 lb (12 kg)
6-1/4" H (to top of dustcover), 18-1/4" W, 14-1/4"D


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