LP Gear T4P REFERENCE SERIES VS phono cartridge

LP Gear T4P REFERENCE SERIES VS phono cartridge


  • $198.98 USD


LP Gear introduces the T4P Reference Series VS phono cartridge for those seeking the best reference quality P-mount phono cartridge.

By preference and conviction the LP Gear T4P Series of cartridges offer world-class craftsmanship, excellent performance, exemplary value, natural and clean tone and musicality in a simple extraordinary package. They are fitted for P-mount or T4P tonearms. Each is crafted with tolerances held to mere thousandths of an inch. Stringent quality control assures that tolerances and performance criteria are maintained for each product. As in other series within the LP Gear magnetic phono cartridge range, your investment in a cartridge does not become obsolete. When your appreciation of music and critical listening develop and your demands for sophisticated electronics grow, you can easily and sensibly upgrade performance by installing a better stylus within the series.

The LP Gear T4P Reference Series VS offers pinnacle performance, musicality and fidelity. It uses a newly reincarnated Shibata diamond each exquisitely polished with precision and then carefully mounted on a thin metal alloy tubular cantilever for long playing life and exceptional tracing of record grooves. Due to the Shibata's exceptional extractive prowess, it was recommended for quadraphonic, quad, CD-4 audio systems and was used in highly acclaimed phono cartridges such as the Grace F9E, Stanton 881S, and Audio-Technica AT20SS. (In 2008, the Shibata diamond was employed by another cartridge manufacturer and is offering a cartridge of similar stature in excess of $600.00.)

The result - excellence in musical accuracy and faithfulness to the original recording. While there are newer designs under different nomenclatures promising better parametric performance, we believe based on our ears that our Shibata-based Series VS cartridge elevates music with faithful accuracy, purity and harmonic completeness. We believe it is a world-class performer and the finest P-mount cartridge crafted today.

LP Gear T4P Reference Series VS Phono Cartridge Specifications
- Frequency response: 15Hz-29kHz
- Output voltage @ 1kHz, 5cm/sec.: 3mV
- Channel separation @ 1kHz/10kHz: 29/18dB
- Channel balance: 1.5dB
- Vertical tracking force: 1.0-1.6 g
- Stylus shape: Shibata
- Cantilever: Thin-wall tube
- Recommended load impedance: 47k ohms
- Weight: 6 g
- Dimensions (mm): 34l x 10w x 17h
- Stylus replacement: LP Gear ATNSERIESVS


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