78 RPM stylus for Ion iPROFILE turntable

78 RPM stylus for Ion iPROFILE turntable


  • $24.95 USD


The 78 RPM stylus for the Ion iPROFILE turntable features a 3.0 mil diamond for correctly playing 78 RPM records. A photo of the stylus replacement is supplied above. The color of the stylus varies. Please verify and use this as a guide only since the cartridge and stylus may have been changed through the years.

While the Ion iProfile turntable does not have a 78 RPM speed, through software, you can record 78's. However, you will still need a 78 RPM stylus. To maintain the playback fidelity of your 78 records you really need to use a stylus designed for 78 RPM records. A very common misconception is that you can use a LP stylus for playing 78 records. This is one quick and sure way to damage the 78 record grooves. Moreover, the LP stylus is much narrower than the 78 record groove hence the tip will slide to the bottom of the groove where debris has collected for many decades. This results in extraordinarily high surface noise.

If the stylus above differs from what you have, then it means you no longer have the fitted cartridge. For us to assist you further, we need the cartridge brand and model number. This info is usually inscribed on the cartridge and stylus.


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