Jico Canada 78 RPM Replacement Stylus for Grace 402-M208-165 cartridge

SKU: GRACE402M208165W

  • $19.95 USD

Before ordering, compare with your stylus. If different, see product description.

  • • LP Tunes 78 RPM Replacement Stylus for Grace 402-M208-165 cartridge
  • • 3.0 mil diamond specifically for 78 RPM records
  • • Enhanced accuracy for tracking and tracing of record grooves
  • • Lightweight plastic cantilever
  • • Made in Japan by specialized artisans

High Definition 78 RPM REPLACEMENT STYLUS FOR GRACE 402-M208-165 402M208165 CARTRIDGE

The 78 RPM replacement for the Grace 402-M208-165 cartridge stylus is equipped with a 3.0 mil polished diamond. This stylus is designed specifically for correct tracing of the wide grooves of 78 RPM records while providing minimum abrasion and maximum sound reproduction.

The color of this stylus has changed over the years. Please be sure to compare your stylus with this stylus before ordering. Do not order this stylus if it looks different than the stylus that you have.

 If you are unsure if this is the correct stylus please contact us here.

For enhancements to sound quality and fidelity please refer to the Related Products below.


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