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Perfect fit

Affordable stylus and belt breathed new life to an old turntable. Excellent service, helped to identify old stylus and offer replacement options. Just bought an SAS for my Shure V15 IV. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Kenwood Stylus

Everything was perfect; thanks!


Ordered cartridge over Christmas and accounting for the Holiday delay, shipment arrived as expected. Customer support was great in helping to track the order.

JICO SAS replacement for Shure N95ED

About 5 months ago a friend damaged my original shure cantilever. The sound from my other carts.(Grado Gold, Shure m91ed) did not perform nearly as good with my Dual 701 and Luxman R115. The reviews on Vinyl Engine regarding your SAS replacement stylus was the only factor in my purchase. Glad I bought it, love the clean rich full sound.
.Thanks Ron


Speedy delivery to the UK and a fantastic product - they sound better than the original Shure styli they're replacing. Big thumbs up!

All OK.

Item despatched promptly. The US post service seems to work very well, however hitting the Royal Mail system in the Christmas period was not a good idea, Serves me right for not ordering at a better time of year!!! Great product at a good price. Many thanks

Things were great - the items arrived fast and my stereo equipment is working great now. Thanks


Fantastic quality & sound.

Very good tracking and detail

When I first installed the stylus on my 35-year-old V15-5MR shell I sadly noted that the brush was stiff: it did not freely fall, but where it was set it stayed. I was relieved to find that after perhaps 30 or 40 records the brush started to move like my original stylus.

At my first audition the Jico had very pleasing detail, but in comparing pristine albums I found no difference between it, the original Shure, and other two cartridges. I thought I would hear a night-and-day difference, but I did not. I am listening using a Creek preamp, Emotiva amp, and Magnapan speakers.

An impressive aspect of the new stylus is its weight. When I change from the original Shure to the new Jico I have to lighten my tracking weight: when I have the Shure set at 1.25 grams of tracking force and swap it for the Jico the gauge then reads 0.85g -- a drop of 0.4 grams. The Jico has a very thin cantilever; I've never seen one so thin.

In the past two months I have played perhaps 50 LPs with the Jico ruby SAS/R stylus. I initially had the tracking set at 1.25 grams, as the original Shure reproduced sound the best at this setting, but then lowered the tracking to 1.0 grams and heard no difference in the Jico's tracking ability, even with relatively high-energy jazz material. I found this to be quite impressive.

It is with jazz music that I have found the Jico to exhibit the greatest difference in sound compared to my other cartridges.

Overall I am pleased with my purchase. Having a cartridge that can track perfectly at only 1.0 grams of tracking force with excellent imaging and detail in its sound reproduction is very satisfying.

Absolutely amazing stylus

I purchased this stylus and was utterly impressed ,this company makes an amazing high quality product .I installed the stylus and my records took on a new life ,sound was crisp and clear with deep bass .I am an instant fan of jico now ,each one is individualy hand made and tested .I have never left a review for anything ,but I was so impressed and grateful to have this stylus I had to leave one.Thank you for the quality product it was worth every penny


Great and quick service with follow up to make sure I’m ok!

New cartridge

Simple, on time,works fine

vivid line stylus

I have now had a chance to listen to this stylus on my Empire 4000-D/111 cartridge. I am very pleased with how this combination sounds. I cannot compare it to the original stylus as I obtained the cart minus stylus. Very
happy with my purchase.

ATN-3472LC stylus

Quick response, delivery to Canada no problem stylus not marked but sound great. Would deal with Jico Canada again

Audio-Technica stylus for Audio-Technica AT-600SE AT600SE cartridge

replacement stylus for Shure M97xE

just got the replacement, super fast shipping, ordered 12/3 got it 12/5, pd for Priority mail, ships out of NV, the stylus was in a sealed JICO package, brand new, tricky to remove from the package, but fig it out, very secure, inserted, sounds brand new, extremely happy, can't give a higher than 5 stars, price & service is outstanding, plan on ordering 1 more as a backup, I sell on ebay & play a lot of used lp's, my original lasted 5 yrs, before giving up the ghost, I clean them on my VPI & the fluids may have caused the original to gum up, again can't give this company anything but 5 stars

JICO replacement Audio-Technica ATN-11D stylus

JICO replacement Shure N44-7X stylus

Great Product, Great Seller

Thanks to Michelle for helping resolve payment issue. I'll definitely do business with Jico in the future.

Stylus for Technics SL-DL1

Perfect. Exactly what I needed!

JICO SAS replacement for Shure N97HE

Exactly what I needed!

Quick and easy and works like it should.

Happy to find the right stylus at a decent price. Shipped and arrived quickly and sounds great!

Who’s the boss, applesauce?

Did what it was supposed to do. Easy installation, arrived quickly.


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