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Turntable Pitch Belt

Ah, the pitch belt. The reason I can here. I found that drive belts were actually easy to find. The pitch belt was another matter. Some offered a pitch belt without teeth, one enterprising soul in Britain sold his improvised 2 round belt solution. Everyone belly-ached about the cost of the "proper toothed belt". All the fun that comes with old equipment long out of production. JICO had the toothed belt, the price was not out of line with what others were charging for less, and once I got the pitch control mechanism unstuck, it worked perfectly. All my "scratchy vinyl" (not really, but...) thanks you.

Better than original

Original stylus was a conical, this elliptical replacement stylus is an improvement on the original and sounds great!

Great replacement needle!

This needle works superbly, fixed some skipping issues caused by the last one. This one's a keeper!


The stylus came within a few days of the order and the sound is brilliant.

JICO replacement stylus for Shure M97xE cartridge


I was having trouble finding a replacement cartridge for my old turntable. JICO Canada recommend an excellent replace and then delivered the cartridge on time.

Just what I needed

I bought a used turntable with no stylus and found the stylus on your page for less than any where else that I could find and it worked perfectly

RXL Improved Stylus

It has been a few years since I had my original XLM working,thus the reason for buying the stylus. I tend to prefer older USA cartridges from the 1970's-80's as they typically have a warmer presentation. My system is a little bright and these cartridges lock in very well. Happy with the purchase.


My order was filled promptly, the merchandise arrived ahead of time, and the products were top notch. The service they gave me was superior.

Yamaha p-16 rep. Belt

Great service, prompt delivery, and music back in my life! Thanks

Turntable Pitch Belt

Happily, the pitch belt (the reason I'm here) for my Dual CS-1268 was not the treasure hunt I feared. Even better, JICO had the proper *toothed* belt and not an improvised replacement. Ordered this drive belt for good measure, unstuck the pitch mechanism, and the old turntable now purrs at accurate pitch. Thank you.

Love it!

Sounds better than original

Shure M97xE Stylus

The replacement stylus for the Shure M97xE sounds nice. It even comes with the attached brush like the original. Customer service was excellent from the time the order was placed until it arrived.

Pickering XV-15 625 Stylus

Lately I have been on a mission to restore US made phono cartridges from the 1960 through 1980 period. I find that in every case the Jico replacement stylus's
bring back the voicing that I like about cartridges from that era. Keep up the good work.

Excellent and prompt service. Recommended.


Perfect Product, thank you very much.

stylus Panasonic Technics EPS-270ED

Super !!!!

Improved stylus for Shure M70EJ cartridge

Replacement for Shure N75EJ Type 2 stylus

New stylus

I ordered a stylus for a vintage turntable I recently purchased. It came quickly in very safe packaging and works perfectly.

Elliptical stylus for Sony PS-LX300USB PS LX300USB PSLX300USB turntable

Shure Stylus

I ordered a replacement stylus for an old, but high end Shure M97ED phono cartridge.. Jico was among the best price that I could find and I'm glad to say that the stylus not only fit fine, but also that the cartridge has never sounded better. The only thing missing was instructions on how to set the proper tracking force for this particular model. BRAVO!


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