Shure DJ cartridge

Shure DJ cartridge

The most demanding DJ's in the world depend on Shure needles. It is the proven needle of choice for World Disco Mix Club (DMC) Champions The Invisibl Skratch Piklz and the X-ecutioners (a.k.a. The X-Men). All Shure DJ needles feature:

Wide-diameter, high-strength stylus assemblies for dependable back-cueing, spherical diamond tips that ride gently over a large footprint in the record groove, cutaway grips for high visibility of the radiant orange colored stylus tip, standard 1/2 inch mount that fits all leading DJ turntables.

All models employ the low-mass, high output moving magnet structure invented by Shure. Each comes with a headshell weight, user guide with scratch DJ instructions, Phillips head mounting hardware, stylus cleaning brush, and stylus guard A full one-year warranty

NOTE: The M44GX and M44-7X cartridges have been discontinued. These should not be confused with the revived models listed below. Their closest equivalent is the M35X. The N44GX and N44-7X replacement styli will continue to be available for the discontinued M44GX and M44-7X models.



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